Frequently Asked Questions

I have completed the registration but can't login to sandbox what do I do?

The Sandbox server is rebuilt with a fresh database once a week. This means that if your account is created it will take some time before your account is active in Sandbox. Typically the build starts on Thursdays and becomes live on the following Monday. I.e. if you complete the registration on a Wednesday you will be able to use the forgotten password link firstly on the following Monday to retrieve your password.

Where can I find my API tokens?

To find the API tokens you need to login and navigate to Company -> APIs, click View ("connection name")", click Show Credentials.

Where can I find an API's documentation (manual or guidebook)?

The documentation available can be found for each request within either our API Reference or Swagger page.

Does Avinode have any restrictions by client's ip-addresses?

We do not have any IP address restrictions.

I have issues completing any API request, what's wrong?

First of all make sure you are using the correct API tokens. If you are using our API Reference or Swagger page you will have to enter "Bearer [Your Authentication Token]" when authenticating.
Timestamps required to be entered in the following ISO8601 format: 2023-01-01T09:30:15.000Z.

I need assistance from Avinode

Information regarding how to contact us can be found on the Contact us page.