Cancel a single RFQ

Cancel a single RFQ

Optional Query Params

When requesting any of the optional query params the response will also include this additional information.

Query Param NameDescription
amenitiesInformation about the aircraft’s amenities
aviquoteDetailed information about the quote that Avinode generated on behalf of the seller for this RFQ. For example the cost of any positioning legs required to do this flight
buyermessagesLists all buyer messages associated with this RFQ.
categorydetailsDetailed information about the aircraft category
homebaseInformation about the aircraft’s homebase airport
insuranceInsurance information for the aircraft
liftaocInformation about the operator’s AOC
officeInformation about the buyer’s primary office
perfdetailsInformation about the aircraft’s performance details
safetyInformation about any safety ratings held by the operator of this aircraft
scheduleInformation about when the seller last updated the availability information for this aircraft
startpositionInformation about where the aircraft is positioned from to perform the first passenger segment
taildetailsAdditional information about the aircraft
tailphotosLinks to photos of the actual aircraft
typedetailsDetailed information about the aircraft type
typephotosLinks to generic photos of the aircraft type

Cancel a Single RFQ Example

  "id": "arfq-1000000153",
  "type": "arfq",
  "href": "",
  "messageToSeller": "sorry man",
  "reason": "OTHER"
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