Decline the request of a buyer



The requestId used as path param is either:

  • A lift id. Using this will decline a specific requested lift in the RFQ. If the RFQ contains other requested lift, not yet declined or quoted, then these will still be considered unanswered.
  • An RFQ id. Using this will decline the entire RFQ, including any requested lift.


Remember the username

This operation supports sending an Avinode user account login in the header "X-Avinode-ActAsAccount". Sending a username/login will let the broker see the corresponding first and last name in Avinode Trips pages as well as in the reply emails, for a more personal touch.

Not sending this header we will default to display the company name instead.

Read more about this request header here.

  "message": "Sorry, we have no available aircraft for this trip.",
  "suppressNotification": false
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