Read a single RFQ

Read a single RFQ

Optional Query Params

When requesting any of the optional query params the response will also include this additional information.

Query Param NameDescription
accountnamesInclude first, middle, and last-name of user accounts that interacted with the RFQ
amenitiesInformation about the aircraft’s amenities
analyticsAnalytics regarding a single piece of lift for a single RFQ
aviquoteDetailed information about the quote that Avinode generated on behalf of the seller for this RFQ. For example the cost of any positioning legs required to do this flight
buyermessagesLists all buyer messages associated with this RFQ.
categorydetailsDetailed information about the aircraft category
homebaseInformation about the aircraft’s homebase airport
insuranceInsurance information for the aircraft
latestquoteThe latest added quote on a lift
liftaocInformation about the operator’s AOC
officeInformation about the buyer’s primary office
perfdetailsInformation about the aircraft’s performance details
quoteattachmentsAny attachments (PDF-files etc.) added to the quote
quotebreakdownA detailed breakdown of the quote consisting of the different sections and line items
safetyInformation about any safety ratings held by the operator of this aircraft
sellercontactinfoContact details of the seller company
sellermessagelinksInclude direct links to the /tripmsgs endpoint in the response
sellerprofilephotoProfile photo for this account in Avinode (URL)
sellerstatsWill add the following data points to the response:

The number of seller quotes considered in these statistics

The count of seller quotes where the price was LESS THAN marketplace quote

The absolute, average percent difference that seller quote prices are LESS THAN the marketplace quote

The count of seller quotes where the price was GREATER THAN marketplace quote

The absolute, average percent difference that seller quote prices are GREATER THAN the marketplace quote

The median response time in minutes for the seller to respond to a request

The percentage of times that the seller responds to a request

Percent of quotes with a price increase below a threshold. An accurate price will be below or matching the Avinode generated price, also allowing up to a 5% increase.
An average of the last 30 days of requests will be calculated.
taildetailsAdditional information about the aircraft
tailphotosLinks to photos of the actual aircraft
timestampsInclude updatedByBuyer and latestUpdatedDateBySeller fields in the response
typedetailsDetailed information about the aircraft type
typephotosLinks to generic photos of the aircraft type
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