Welcome to the API reference section of our Dev Portal. Here, you'll find a comprehensive library of all available API endpoints, along with detailed information on how to use them. For each endpoint, you'll find a complete breakdown of the required and optional parameters, along with other useful data to help you get the most out of our API.


To ensure a successful interaction with our API, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the relevant documentation that pertains to your particular use case. In addition, please take a few moments to review these additional pages to help you get started:

Try It!

With our "Try it!" function, you can easily test our API and run queries directly from our Dev Portal. To use this feature, please keep in mind the following points:

  1. Make sure you have valid API credentials, which will be issued to you once your API project has been approved and Sandbox access has been granted. The authentication token should be in bearer format and inserted as follows: "Bearer eyJra...".

  2. You can test calls in various programming languages, which you can select prior to testing.

  3. Pay attention to the correct timestamp format for your request. We support the ISO8601 format in UTC only.

  4. Also, be mindful of the body payload. Some endpoints may require a body payload, and omitting this may result in an error response.

Additional Resources

You can find our Swagger documentation here.